Transition to Reception Program

Paradise Primary School Transition Program

This Program is a transition connection or ‘link’ between preschool and school. This is conducted on Friday mornings in term 4 prior to Reception students commencing school the following year. The program is conducted by the Reception teachers and supported by an SSO and a parent volunteer.

The sessions are held on Fridays. The first session is 9:00am- 10:30am, the second is 9:00am-11:20am and the third is 8:50-12:00pm.  This program provides children with a formal and extended transition program and offers familiarisation with the school environment and routines. The focus is developing social connections, school readiness behaviours and attitudes plus offering each child the opportunity to immerse themselves in Paradise School life and connect strongly with our community.

Children in the transition program will engage in classroom and outdoor activities to enrich their early literacy and numeracy skills and build their confidence and esteem.